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Renowned marketer and business entrepreneur Seth Godin once said: “The right information brings knowledge. And knowledge is power. Sharing it is empowerment”.

We think this quote is an apt description as to why we should include a blog on our website. Which is why we intend to post every now and then about things that are happening in the rope access and height industry. Apart from keeping you informed, we think it will provide a glimpse into some of the latest trends and insights in the industry.

We are not a training facility. But we believe it can’t hurt to provide unbiased and informative information to project and facility managers. Sort of like an insight into what we believe is important in the trade.

Save Money

Seven reasons why it’s vital to include a regular maintenance plan for your building

Ensuring your building is well maintained should be one of your top priorities as a property owner. Not only is a properly maintained building safer for the public, but it can also save you thousands in costs over the years. Have you recently constructed a new building? Or perhaps you’ve taken over ownership of an existing structure? Here’s why proper building maintenance and façade maintenance with height access services should be top of your priority

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height Access Solutions

Rope Access vs Scaffolding: how do I know which is better

It’s crucial to know how to keep your staff and the public safe. For construction work, maintenance jobs, and inspections that are taking place in hard-to-access areas, you need to consider your options if a crane will not be suitable. The two basic options are ropes or scaffolding. While scaffolding might be the knee-jerk choice, it’s important to consider what rope access can bring to the table that scaffolding can’t. Plant towers, industrial chimneys, wind

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CM3 Qualifications and what it means

If you want to dedicate more time to developing policies and improving contract management standards, the CM3 prequalification is a necessary credential. Read on the learn more about what it means to be CM3 qualified. What is the CM3 certification and how does it benefit contract managers?   The CM3 certification is a Workplace Health and Safety certification conducted by Greencap. The certification helps contractors prove that they have strong health and safety management capabilities

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learning from experience

Case Studies

it's all in the telling

case study showcase

We’ve taken the best bits from scenarios that have made an impact on us. Jobs that tested us, thrown a curve-ball and even jobs that we are incredibly proud to have taken part of. We hope you like them

  • Cilento Cove refresh

    Fidato manage to change the look and feel of this 8 storey residential apartment complex

  • A beautiful Queenslander transformed

    This stunning Queenslander now has a stunning, modern, contemporary feel thanks to the total repaint of all internals.

  • Why

  • Unison Apartments

    See how a regular maintenance plan has helped this client

  • Suncorp Stadium

    Never just window cleaners.

  • Could

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important milestones

‘It is better and more useful to meet a problem in time than to seek a remedy after the damage is done’ 

This often quoted Latin phrase from the mid-13th century has proven time and time again that it is far better to re-empt circumstances before they arise. Which is one reason why we invest so much time and effort in height safety and prevention.

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