We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions we get asked.

If it’s not on the list, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.


what is rope access?

Rope access technicians use ropes, climbing techniques and specialist safety equipment to abseil high buildings in difficult to reach places. Using their harness and two rope system, our experienced crew can navigate tricky situations with speed, accuracy, and confidence.

what is a fixed height safety system?

  • Single point anchors or systems
  • Fall-arrest and Fall restraint systems
  • Static lines or horizontal lifelines
  • Rigid rail systems
  • Handrails, walkways
  • Platforms
  •  Ladders

These safety systems must be inspected annually by a certified installer. As the building/property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance so that all personnel and workers can access and work safely on site.


Industrial rope access covers a variety of projects, from abseiling inside a silo to pressure washing the roof of a warehouse. Essentially anything that is in an industrial zone. Commercial rope access consists of everything else; window cleaning on a sky scraper 250m high to certifying the anchors on the Queen’s Street Wharf. No matter the finish you are after, we have the right team for you.


To start with, we will need to know what work you are looking to have done, be it a full external repaint, window clean, signage install or a building report. We will then meet you on site to further discuss your needs, and how we can achieve the desired outcome for you. Access to the roof is required to ensure there is a height safety system in place, if not we can survey the area and install a height safety system to proceed with the works. Once you are happy with the quotation, you simply mark it as accepted and we will contact you to organise a start date.



Yes! The site supervisor will contact you a week prior to finishing up and book in a time that suits you to complete a walk through. This is where you can bring up any concerns or comments regarding the finished job. If there are any defects, we will list them down and book in a date to complete to your 100% satisfaction

Are you licensed/what certificates do you hold?

We are licenced in QBCC, CM3 and WAHA. We are trained installing height safety systems with SafetyLink and Sayfa, majority of our team have EWP licences, white card and first aid certificate.  All our staff have valid IRATA tickets (which enables us to abseil) and hold a Working Safely at Heights licence. Our experienced staff are either trade qualified or possess years of experience within the construction industry. Ensuring our staff are always ‘leveling up’ is important to us, and we continuously look for ways to actively support and grow with our team.

How much does it cost for a quotation?

Nothing! We believe first impressions count, so we will take the time to ensure we are the right fit for your job. During the quotation process we will ask a variety of questions to ensure rope access is the most cost effective option for you.

what do you include in your building reports ?

Our building reports are in-depth and include all dilapidating defects or future concerns. In addition, our detailed reports will consist of photographic evidence of all building defects, with an accurate description of solutions we can provide to fix the problem.
As well as addressing immediate concerns, our experienced supervisors know to anticipate future remedial repairs based on the current state of repair so you can budget for upcoming works.

what will you do if there is a walkway below you?

We consider everything during the quotation process, including access to pedestrians. For example, suppose a walkway, footpath or pedestrian traffic is affected by our work. In that case, we will obtain a permit to temporarily use the path or provide other means of exclusions to provide safe conditions for our employees and keep your staff, residents and pedestrians away from harm.

do you treat/remove rust? what's the process?

Yes we do. This is a part of our prep work, where we locate potential hazards/problems, inspect and repair if it is within the quoted job.

If the potential problem is larger than expected, we contact the client and discuss possible options to complete the work safely.

do you provide a warranty on your painting or window cleaning?

We certainly do! Fidato include a 5 year workmanship warranty on all of our Painting projects. A 7 day no-holds barred warranty applies to our window cleaning services as well.

do you allow for weather conditions when providing a timeline?

We always allow some time for inclement weather, but unfortunately we don’t always get it right (much like the weather forecasters).

do you leave touch-up paint?

Of course! Whatever paint we do not use while onsite is yours.

do you allow for weather conditions when providing a timeline?

We always allow some time for inclement weather, but unfortunately we don’t always get it right (much like the weather forecasters).

residential FAQ's

do I need to do any prep work? and what is included in the scope of painting?

All you need to do is to clear the area if you are able to. This includes removing photo frames and any furniture that is in the area. If you plan on hanging photos back up. Leave the nails in, otherwise we are able to fill the small holes. We also repair small dents. 

what warranties do you provide?

As part of Dulux accreditation, Fidato are proud to stand by Dulux and guarantee their competence with their 5 year workmanship warranty. They also include a product warranty – which varies from product to product.

are your painters qualified?

Yes, all our painters are trade qualified, backed by years of experience. Our apprentices are supervised by qualified tradesman and not left on-site unsupervised. Our training partners, Major Training provide the necessary support to ensure our apprentices are on track and proceeding effectively and efficiently through the course. 

I haven't had my house painted in years and am worried it might be lead based paint. will you do it?

Lead-based paint removal is a specialised field. It requires special equipment which can safely extract minute particles of lead without fear of contamination from paint-flake and is extremely time-consuming. The Australian government have a web-page which will explain the dangers of lead-paint and why we choose not to include lead-paint removal or touch-up as a service.


We only offer this for free on large scale projects not residentials.

In addition to our other services our colour consultant can provide suggestions and overlays to allow you to make the clearest decision on the correct colour scheme for your home.

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